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An introduction to Forex

If this is your first encounter with Forex and you are unfamiliar with terms such as Stop Loss and Japanese Candlestick, we recommend that you begin your tour here.
In this stop you will acquire the necessary basic knowledge for the beginner
Forex trader

Learn Forex Basic

Everest Forex strategies

Our presentation opens with the tools and terms needed for technical analysis of your forex strategy.
Later on, we will demonstrate how to use these tools in your forex trading strategies.

Learn Forex Strategies

Fundamental Trading

Fundamental trading strategies are mainly based on economic news alerts such as: rate announcement, growth of GDP, inflation announcement and other macro economics news.
Learn how to use economics news to trade forex and commodities.

Learn Fundamental Trading

Advanced Technical strategies

Learn the Everest Forex advanced technical analysis presentation and use advanced technical tools such as: Fibonacci numbers, Volume based indicators, Dow theory, Elliot wave theory and patterns as Head and shoulders, Double top and cup and handle patterns.

Learn Advanced Strategies

Extra Fundamental & Technical Tools

Learn Everest Forex advanced technical tools such as: Elliot wave theory, patterns as Head and shoulders, Double top and cup and handle patterns.
Learn Everest Forex advanced fundamental tools such as: consumer confidence, trade balance, manufacturing pmi.

Learn Advanced tools

Graphs generator

Learn and Use Everest Forex advanced Graphs generator to improve your trading.
Everest Forex Graph generator gives you a variety of data cuts (yields, comparing instruments, etc.) in a variety of products: currencies, stock indices and commodities.


Use Everest Forex Graph Generator
The best forex strategy tutorials do not guarantee success, and should be perceived as basic information
that may help to better your odds in Forex trading.

Weekly Market Review

    us stock markets finished the week strongly up. the s&p 500 rose by 1.80%, the nasdaq increased by 3.19% and the dow jones rose by 1.53%.   this week, the dollar was weakened versus most major currencies. the usd weakened against the euro by 0.50%, by 0.65% versus the yen and by 0.40% versus the pound and was ...


    us stock indices finished the week mixed. the s&p 500 strengthened by 0.6% the dow by 1.4%, the nasdaq weakened by 0.4% . in us bond market , the yields decreased slightly all over the curve, the 10 year bond weakened (yield) to 1.96% from 1.98% last week.   the dollar was weakened versus most major currencies, ...